Reside is developed and maintained by local real estate agents to give agents the information they need to become experts in the local area. Reside brings together data from many different sources, and combines it together so that hours of research can now be done in a few minutes. In addition to extensive data, Reside includes a number of other unique features that bring a better real estate search to every user.

  • Subdivisions

    Over 2200 documented subdivisions and developments based on county data and input from hundreds of local agents with stats, history, and search.

  • Real-Time

    New listings and listing updates are available seconds after they are made public.

  • Local

    Reside.org is developed and run by local Central Coast real estate agents, and just lists properties in San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara Counties.

  • Precise Locations

    Location coordinates have been manually updated on over 5000 properties to provide more precise mapping.

  • Estimated Values

    Automated valuations of many properties based on subdivision and nearby sales.

  • MapsĀ²

    Enhanced Map that allows users to calculate area and distances by clicking or tapping on the map.

  • Drive Around

    Drive Around is a Street View based driving tour that users create themselves around any location.

  • Virtual Tours

    Additional tours and information provided by the listing agents for dozens of propeties that are for sale.